Using conflict science to manage conflict

The Conflict Science Institute uses neurobiology science, relationship science, and conflict psychology to create frameworks and techniques to optimize conflict outcomes.

We help professionals build conflict competency from a fundamental base of human understanding, so conflict management strategies become intuitively employed by the learner. We combine cutting edge science and techniques with concierge level care customized to meet the learning needs of lawyers, law firms and helping agencies working with people in conflict.


Customized conflict training for individuals or groups, certification programs, webinars, traditional and in-house CLEs.

Education Materials

A robust set of materials including summaries, scoring charts, reference guides, articles, and books accompany trainings and solidify learning.

Conflict Tools

Conflict tools that zero in on what's really going on, so you can target the problem with the most effective strategy.

Real Time Mentoring

Hands on learning provides the richest educational experience. We'll provide ongoing support and use your own cases to teach you new techniques in real time.

Confusing clients? Challenging cases?

Don't wait for things to escalate. CSI offers comprehensive consultation and training packages for client assessments and Conflict Model techniques.

CSI Articles

Lawfighting, because conflict science is not just about managing and resolving conflict

Improved communication, negotiation, and mediation are enough to produce good outcomes in many cases. Sometimes, especially in high conflict cases, enhanced litigation techniques are necessary. LawfightingTM are CSI techniques to enhancing litigation skills such as interviewing, fact finding, direct and cross-examination, narrative building, and persuasion.